I Am A Home Buyer. What Should I Do Before Closing?

by Keith OToole on October 3, 2012

A Checklist For What To Do Before Your Home Purchase

If you are a home buyer, here a few things you should consider:

  1. Find a realtor.
  2. Find an attorney.
  3. Get “pre-approved”.  Working with your realtor, find out how much house you can afford.
  4. Find your new home.
  5. Review the contract with your attorney.  If a realtor drafted the contract, it should have an “attorney approval” clause so the review can occur after it has been signed.   If you prefer, I can review the contract before you sign.
  6. Apply for your mortgage.
  7. Shop for homeowners insurance.   You will need proof of homeowners insurance before we can schedule your closing.
  8. Send a copy of your mortgage commitment letter to your attorney.
  9. Move quickly to satisfy your pre-closing conditions with your lender.  Once the lender confirms that you are “Cleared to Close”, contact your attorney.
  10. Shop for a mover.   Don’t give the mover a firm date until the closing has been scheduled.
  11. Schools.  If you are moving to a new school district, and you have school-aged children, make arrangements with the new school district.
  12. Utilities.  Once closing has been scheduled, contact your utilities and order service.    Make sure you that you have electricity and gas service for the closing date.   During the winter, if a home doesn’t have heat, the water pipes may burst.

If you need legal help with a real estate closing, call me at 585.352.7300 for a free consultation.

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