I Just Purchased A New Home. What Should I Do After Closing?

by Keith OToole on October 3, 2012

A Checklist For What To Do After Your Home Purchase

Here a few things you should consider:

  1. Drivers License:  Within 10 days of moving, you should change your drivers license address.   You can do this at any New York State DMV office or you can go to its website:https://my.dmv.ny.gov/crm/

    If you don’t, the next time you are stopped by a traffic cop, you may receive a ticket.

  2. Home Address: File a Change of Address form with the US Post Office.  This can be done at any post office.  It can also be done online at:https://moversguide.usps.com/icoa/icoa-main-flow.do?execution=e1s1

    or just go to USPS.com.

  3. Door Locks:   To provide basic security for you and your family, you should have your locks re-keyed or changed.   This can be done by having a locksmith visit your new home or by bringing old locks to a hardware store so they can re-key the locks.
  4. STAR and Property Tax Exemptions: As the “owner-occupant” of your new home, you are eligible for the Basic STAR property tax break.   However, you need to file an application with the tax Assessor.   The deadline is March 1 in most communities.  In Rochester, it is February 1.    There are also tax breaks available for veterans and seniors if you apply on time.

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